Thank you for the opportunity to be part of your special day. We believe that every wedding ceremony should be a happy occasion, a light hearted celebration with a touch of serious. With more than thirty years of experience I am a licensed and ordained wedding officiant and dedicated Marriage Officer who believes in the institution of marriage at the same time providing a professional service with regard to the legalities and documentation, together with conducting and officiating a warm and memorable ceremony and registration of your marriage.

Lindsay & Brenda Dillman

Lindsay Dillman – Marriage Officer & His Wife Brenda

Our Legal & Customization Services

  • Helping you design your personalized wedding ceremony
    We offer a wedding ceremony with a personal touch. With our assistance, you get to design the ceremony which best reflects what you want to express about your relationship on the day
  • Preparing the required legal documents for your marriage
    This includes assistance with documentation required for foreign couples
  • Conducting the ceremony as a professional marriage officer and making the ceremony 100% yours and totally personal
    Personalization and arrangements of the ceremony are entirely your choice. Remember, it’s your special day
  • Solemnising your marriage according to the Marriage Act
    Making use of any personal vows, traditional vows as well as the legal marriage formula
  • Issue you with your marriage certificate at the ceremony as well a copy of the marriage register 
    We’ll issue you with a handwritten, abridged South African marriage certificate as well as a copy of the marriage register on the day of your wedding. You’ll need these for any name changes, new ID’s and passports etc.
  • Registering your marriage with the Department of Home Affairs
    We will submit your signed marriage registration document for registration in the population register personally at Home Affairs to avoid any complications later.
  • Renewal of marriage vows ceremony
    Arrangements and specifics will be discussed on request
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