We are committed to taking you into a new place with God. Teaching you to follow then walk in Christ, lead and empowered by the Holy Spirit. We will help you see yourself as God sees you…COMPLETE in Him! Helping you to live in and to live out the purposes and plans of God as you SEE and Say what God sees and says about you!



In 2017 a prophetic word was spoken over our lives and the Lord said to me, “you still have the sword…and I am recommissioning you”! Several years prior to that He also confirmed what I knew already and that was through the words, “The World is Your Parish” which were prophesied over me!



Brenda and I are rediscovering our identity in Jesus Christ. Sometimes success and heritage can become diversions and veneers of the real you. In a place of testing and rediscovering His love, presence and restoring power we have again begun to see the wonder of serving God from a place of brokenness.


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“Our heart & soul is to connect people with the living & powerful God.”

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