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I obeyed the call of God in my teen years and entered the ministry alongside my legendary father, pastor and apostolic leader George Dillman in 1980. Dad had been very inspired by the revivalist preachers of that era, and particularly Gordon Lindsay, author, and founder of the Christ for the Nations Institute…when I was born he named me after him, Lindsay George Dillman.

I have served God and His Church faithfully for more than 30 years alongside dad in the church he called Living Waters which he founded together with my mom, Heloise Dillman in the 1950’s. I was very privileged to witness the presence and power of God and experience His tremendous favour and blessing throughout my life. At the same time however my life has not been devoid of losses including that of our first child Jonathan at the age of nine months.

My world further came crashing down in 2012, when my marriage of 31 years failed resulting in me eventually leaving full-time ministry and processing the resultant relational and financial trauma, along with owning my part and doing self-evaluation. To add to this, my dad also went to his eternal home and reward that year and I conducted his funeral service, both a joy and challenge.

I am able to say that despite all of this I have continued to pursue the Lord and am learning daily to press harder into Him.

The Lord in His kindness and graciousness brought Brenda into my life and we were married in 2014. Her profession as a nursing sister is more than a job but a calling which is easily evidenced by her heart of compassion, pliable soul, and a spirit that follows hard after God – invaluable qualities as we together follow God’s call. We have both had to endure insult and shame but are constantly learning how to differentiate between the voice of God, the noise of life and the opinions of men.

While I have engaged in secular employment to help support us as a family using my skills – from building maintenance to marketing, the call of God and the need to ‘outwork’ my heritage has been increasing. I was recently retrenched from my job and believe that this is the time to venture out in faith and fulfil a long-time-ago word from God to “see to it that you attain to the ministry I have called you to”! Please would you pray with us for deeper clarity and opportunities for this to become a reality. One of the things I feel strongly impressed by The LORD to do is to walk in obedience and develop the giftings I have so often seen emerging in my life, especially teaching, the bringing in of order, with a touch of the prophetic. I do also believe that The Lord has been stirring my heart particularly to reignite the supernatural and divine healing ministry so prevalent in dad’s ministry. I don’t yet know how this will pan out and of course the voice of reason and age speaks loud, but I am committed to obey!

Thank you for your love and support.

Lindsay & Brenda Dillman


Two years ago a prophetic word was spoken over our lives and the Lord said to me, “you still have the sword…and I am recommissioning you”! I can’t wait to share some of the rich things God has deposited in my life over the many years of knowing Him. I’m a great believer that this life is meant to be lived with hope and purpose. More than just existence but filled with God…more than just followers of Jesus but living in the truth and reality of Christ in You:

Col. 1:27 This mystery has been kept in the dark for a long time, but now it’s out in the open. God wanted everyone to know this rich and glorious secret inside and out, regardless of their background, regardless of their religious standing. The mystery in a nutshell is just this: Christ is in you, so therefore you can look forward to sharing in God’s glory. It’s that simple. God’s glory…His reputation and opinion of you can become a “lived out” reality in this life.

I truly believe that much of the church, and that would be us as God’s people, has lost it’s connection with Christ The Head. We have been lured into a lesser place of trend and relevance and taken on a form rather than the shape of the eternal, all-powerful, magnificent God and His Christ. If there is any way I can help us find our way back, to the simplicity and purity of devotion to Christ…away from the many forms of Godliness and into the person and power of Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit, then I will end the my journey and adventure of my life well.

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This was one of several prophetic words over my life and I now believe that it’s time to “step up to the ministry plate”, and step out in faith again. May I encourage you to make a donation or financial gift into our lives and ministry as we find our way and follow God’s Recommissioning Command – your support is greatly appreciated. Click here to find a list of ways you can help.


With almost four decades of full-time ministry behind him, Lindsay Dillman has served as a youth pastor, worship pastor, associate pastor to his father George Dillman as lead/senior pastor for more than 14 years. He is a profound teacher of God’s Word able to simplify some of the most complicated passages of Scripture with a contageuos enthusiasm and relate them to everyday life in a practical way. Sometimes considered controversial in his style because he believes in getting people to think and break out of their old mindsets.

He is equally passionate about the church of Jesus Christ as he is about the accuracy of scripture, and is careful to keep things in context. In his earlier years of ministry, which still serve well as a great foundation, he was especially well-known for his teaching on worship and was invited several times as a conference speaker to share this powerful message. His love however is the unpacking of the message of Wholeness…Living An Integrated Life – built on the premise that we are all broken in some way, or ‘disintegrated’ as he puts it, and that God who is One designed us to be whole and complete or integrated…the truth that we are only complete in Christ. In this teaching he explains the meaning of integrity and reality that a recovered identity is connected to a purposeful destiny.

During his 35 year tenure of ministry he promoted international Christian bands and artists in various live concert settings – including Carman, Steven Curtis-Chapman, Larnelle Harris, and DC Talk as well as given exposure to several local artists in his own country, South Africa.

He gave five years of his life to and successfully managed a Christian Bookstore in his home city of Durban and received additional training in the Christian retail industry from Christian Family Stores in the USA before returning to South Africa.

He has led numerous mission-adventure trips into Africa sharing the gospel and the love of Jesus creatively through preaching, drama and in practical ways through the distribution of food, materials and gifts. 

After volunteering for more than a decade, he served as the Assistant Director Global Leadership Summit Africa, impacting church leaders in several African countries by co-ordinating, leading and speaking at the events. He paid special attention to the nation of Zimbabwe which now has a flourishing and developing leadership effort as a result.


Lindsay initially served as an assistant and associate pastor and worked with his father to build and develop the leadership and congregation of Living Waters Church on the sure foundation of Jesus Christ for three decades. He is now actively fulfilling the mandate that God has given him to mentor younger leaders and preach God’s limitless love and power without compromise around the world. He heads Lindsay Dillman Ministries, an international, non-profit organization that seeks to build, encourage, and inspire people with the gospel of Jesus Christ through media technology as well as live preaching engagements. Lindsay’s ministry as pastor, teacher, conference speaker, and soon to be author continues to transform many lives, bringing people into a place of freedom and power, as they discover and in some instances rediscover their identity and consequently their destiny in Jesus Christ.


Lindsay calls himself a “second-generation” preacher and believes that people matter to God and is committed to helping them discover how they can live a life beyond survival and mere existence but filled with God and consequently purpose. He believes that while discipleship is essential, there is a life to be lived which is beyond just following Jesus.

His desire is to help this generation of believers understand the reality and uncover the mystery which sadly often still remains concealed for many, which is Christ in us, the hope of glory. Truth in the original Greek as he so often says, is “that which is not hidden”. There is a life to be lived we call “following Jesus” but he believes there is a hidden and often concealed truth of a life to be lived beyond following – a life where the voice of God is no longer just without but within. Intimacy and complete union with Jesus Christ, sons and daughters deeply loved by their heavenly Father. This life in turn leads to making disciples of others.


In addition, both Lindsay and Brenda are moved by the plight of less fortunate children, especially in Africa, and consider it a calling and an urgent priority to provide practical help through Lindsay Dillman Ministries and their Bridge Global organization’s, missions initiative and humanitarian projects. To find out more, click here.



A devoted wife to Pastor Lindsay Dillman and deeply compassionate and loving, Brenda Dillman’s natural career as a nursing sister translates seamlessly into their ministry calling. She is a constant source of love and support to Lindsay. Her humility, warmth, and genuine love for God and people have led to her counseling and touching many lives both in the church and market place. Perhaps her greatest gift is her ability to listen to the cries and hearts of her patients and people she ministers to. She hopes one day to be able to leave full-time nursing and join Lindsay in ministry as they travel together sharing the message of hope and truth.


Lindsay and Brenda have five children and four grandchildren between them.


A bit more about my namesake Gordon Lindsay which you may find interesting.

James Gordon Lindsay was born and raised in an atmosphere of healing and Pentecostal experience. He was born in Zion City, Illinois, on June 18, 1906. His parents were Thomas Lindsay and Effie (Ramsey) Lindsay. They were followers of John Alexander Dowie, a famous healing evangelist. Thomas Lindsay had moved to another city to be a part of the work that John Alexander Dowie was doing there and Gordon gave his life to the Lord at a meeting held in John G Lake’s church and led by Charles Fox Parham, the initiator of the Pentecostal movement in Topeka, Kansas.

He then developed a relationship with John G. Lake, who started the Divine Healing Mission in Spokane, Washington and Portland, Oregon. Lindsay travelled with Lake in the campaigns of California and the southern states. Then he became a pastor of a Foursquare Gospel church in California, but returned to Oregon, where he married Freda Schimpf. Gordon Lindsay was also known as evangelist, church planter, pastor, entrepreneur, apostolic leader and teacher. 

William Branham was another revivalist who influenced my dad and made an impact on his life as he witnessed the supernatural power of God and then related it to me. GOD HAS NOT CHAGED!

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