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“Our desire is to connect people with Jesus Christ who is the head, restoring their identity and destiny.”

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Join us on an exciting, purposeful, mission adventure trip into Africa

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  • Black Foldable Rolla Cart
  • What Gets You Through A Challenge?
  • Jesus Is Coming
  • The Blood Covers Covid
  • God Knows The Plans
  • Speak To The Mountain
  • The Lord Is My Refuge
  • Upward Calling - Part 2
  • Upward Calling - Part 1
  • Fruitfulness In 2020
  • Stolen or Traded Blessing?
  • Giant or Judah?
  • The Empowering Grace of God
  • Online Wedding Fee Payment
  • Online Wedding Fee Deposit
  • Unshaken
  • Living The Integrated Life
  • Online Ministry Donation
  • The Storm
  • Elmer Black
Join our next Mission Adventure Trip into Africa.

Latest Sermons

What We Believe

What Gets You Through A Challenge?
What do you think about and remember when you’re facing a storm or going through a desert place in your life? A few days ago I woke up with this
Jesus Is Coming
I tried to create an image of what it looked like but still not as radiant as I saw it in the dream/vision. Had an incredible experience two years
Upward Calling – Part 2
  This is Part 2 in the series “Upward”. God has a high or heavenly calling on all of our lives. Don’t settle for a lost and confused life. This
Upward Calling – Part 1
  This is Part 1 in the series “Upward”. A big shout out and thank you to Pastor Grant and his wife Theunissina Neyt of the Christian Family

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Roosevelt Elementary School
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